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Fix Error 0x80040116 Oulook PST Error

Oh no! Looks like you're here because Outlook is giving you error messages. Don't worry. If there is a problem wtih your PST file then the good news is that much of the time you can recover most if not all of your information! Check out the problem and some solutions below:


The user recieves the follow errors or similar:

Outlook.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040116. (where "Outlook.pst " is your .pst file name)

Sending and receiving reported error (0x80040116): unknown error 0x80040116

Outlook.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040116


This problem is most likely a result of damage to your PST file, or the file has gone over the 2 GB Windows file limit. If you've used scanpst.exe and no problems were reported, then there may be corruption or other problems. Corruption can be caused by any manner of things, including incomplete file transfers, unexpected shutdowns, malware and viruses, and other unknown elements.


Unfortunately due to the way that Outlook is structured in regards to the usage of .pst files, damage to a .pst is sometimes an inevitable problem that many people will eventually encounter. If you have not been doing regular backups of your .pst files you may need to use a repair tool to recover your data.

Our top choice tool is Stellar Outlook PST Repair, an excellent and easy to use tool that will reconstruct your .pst file in a non-invasive way, posing no threat to your original .pst file or its contents. This is the fastest way to recover your files.

If you'd like to try the software, you can download it here:

PST RepairDownload Stellar Outlook PST Repair (4.8 MB)

If you're an advanced computer user, you can try to use Microsoft's tools to do the job. This is a more involved and time consuming process, and will not always work. Check out our using scanpst.exe article for the procedure.

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